Legal Counsel


North American Client Services is able to provide your facility with a variety of legal assistance such as general legal counsel, contract review, licensing, and more.

If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us for details of what we are capable of offering your facility.

Some of the services we provide:

• General legal counsel consisting of limited legal services and assistance, including litigation management, corporate filings and governance assistance, legal compliance tools, licensing assistance, and similar services.

• Contract review, processing and general assistance with vendor, customer and other contracts, negotiating and entering into contracts on your facility’s behalf with permission to do so.

• Statutory agent services in those states where Client Facility has a presence but is not domiciled if applicable. 

• Periodic legal, regulatory, and similar in-service trainings as requested your facility

• Assistance in labor and employment matters, including collective bargaining and other labor relations activities, and processing of state and federal employment (e.g., EEOC, DFEH, OCR, NLRB, and similar agencies and programs) claims.